Monday, July 15, 2013

Cement Truck and Concrete Pump

Have you ever worked with concrete? If you have, you know what a mess it can be. From transporting it to laying it down, there is a lot of worked involved. When concrete first came about, it was poured or laid just like everything else was back in the day – by hand. A form of concrete was used in earlier centuries, but it was more like a hardened mud and did not last nearly as long as the concrete that we have today. It would crumble and layers would have to be added to it overtime so that it would hold its structure. This mud-like concrete is what paved the way for the type of concrete we have today. Concrete work had to begin somewhere and in the mud is where is started.
Today concrete work is much more advanced. Before things like cement trucks and concrete pumps were around, people had to use wheel barrows and trucks to transport their concrete. The biggest hassle was keeping it wet and keeping it from getting large chunks of hardened rock in it. This is when the cement truck came around. People who laid cement for a living realized that there had to be a more efficient way to move and lay cement than by hand. It is hard work to move wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of cement. So, the cement truck was invented. Not only can it move cement, but it keeps it wet while transporting. Now cement workers can mix a lot of cement and send it to its destination to be poured. Now they don’t have to worry about mixing large amounts of cement on the job. They can simply send it in a truck. Have you ever seen large trucks that look like they have a big rotating belly behind them? Those are cement trucks. They do the job of hundreds of men.
The next item that has made the cement world a little easier is the concrete pump. The concrete pump also does the job of hundreds, maybe even thousands over time. A concrete pump was invented for the same reasons as a cement truck. Cement is difficult to transport while wet and it takes a long time to mix it on the job sight. Not only does mixing take awhile, it gets messy. This is when the concrete pump entered the scene. Some men realized they needed their concrete to stay wet, but they needed to transport it a long distance across a job. Even though it was expensive, the concrete pump was invented.

Think of a water pump, a concrete pump has the same idea. It has a long tube-like structure and it literally pumps cement to where it needs to be. Concrete pumps are used on large construction sites. While concrete pumps have been used on smaller jobs, you tend to only see them on larger construction sites like a highway. The cement truck and concrete pump have changed the world of cement and concrete forever.